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Residential Schools for the Blind

The main thrusts of the activities of the Federation are twofold. On one hand it aims at undertaking activities and projects to empower the blind and low vision to live a life with dignity and self dependence right from his/her childhood throughout his life and on the other hand it strives to protect the rights of the blind and low vision in all spheres of life and fight against discrimination on the ground of blindness and also against the refusal of any entitlement available to them. It also undertakes advocacy initiatives through all permissible means to prevail upon the Government to make necessary changes and formulate new policies for grant of rights of persons with disabilities in general and blind in particular. These activities and advocacy initiatives are spread in different spheres of life as reflected herein below:

Residential School for the blind children at Kanpur, Bilaspur and Jammu.

The Federation is running residential school for the blind children in the above said three cities with its own resources. The blind students are provided this all facilities including boarding & Lodging, Medical, free Braille books and uniform.

  1. Blind Girls School Chhattisgarh
    Infront of Anand Apartment, 27- Kholi, Vikas Nagar
    Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh)
    Contact Persons
    Mr. Guman Ram Patel
    Cell No. 09300327330
    Phone:- 07752-415612
    Education from 1st to 8thstandard
  2. Louie Braille Memorial Residential School for Sightless Girls
    Mutthi Mode, Roop Nagar
    Sector-Jammu (J&K)
    Contact Persons
    Mr. Mohinder Badiyal
    Cell No. 09419134284
    Education from 1st to 7th standard
  3. Kanpur Blind School
    110/241 Nehru Nagar
    Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
    Contact Person
    Mr. Indrajeet Singh
    Cell No. 06450063663
    Phone 0512-2543124
    Education from Nursery to 8th standard
  4. NFB Integrated School for the Blind
    Near Police Station NH-37
    Dharamtul, Mori Gaon, Assam 
    Contact Person- Mr. Imran Ali 
    Cell No.- 09957564245
    Education from Nursery to 4th standard  

Academic session: April to March. Facilities: free fooding, boarding, uniform, Bookls and other study material including transport.