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Membership Procedure

  1. Visually impaired members :- Any blind or low vision person can apply on the prescribed application form for membership of Federation which will be examined by the membership committee constituted by National Executive Council. The decision on the application for membership is taken by Membership committee which examines the applications for the purpose of satisfying itself about the eligibility of the applicant and also about the track record of the applicant with a view to ascertain as to whether he/she has not indulged into any anti-Federation activities or acted against the ideology of the Federation at least for last two years. The membership fees is prescribed by the National Executive Council from time to time which is at present Rs.50/- annually.
  2. Sighted members : Same procedure is prescribed for the sighted members except with the addition that the decision on the application for membership of a sighted person is finally taken by the National Executive Council.
  3. Company members : Any corporate body can become a company member of the Federation by applying in this behalf and by paying the fees for this category of membership as prescribed from time to time by the National Executive Council which at present is Rs. 250/- annually.
  4. Affiliated organizations members: Any organization of/ for the blind can seek this category of membership in case the concerned organization is ready and willing to subscribe to the philosophy of the Federation and to work with the respective State Branch in which state the concerned organization has its activities by paying the prescribed membership fee which at present is 200/- annually.