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National Housing Loan Scheme

Natioanl Federation of The Blind provides housing loan to visually impaired person on minimum rate.Under this scheme only Government Employees are granted loans maximum up to Rs. 2000000/-. During the financial year 2015-16, a total number of 10 blind employees were sanctioned loan worth Rs. 12300000/-. so far. Since the launching of this scheme a total number of 213 Blind Employees have been sanctioned loan worth rupees 189144000/-

Conditions :-
    1. The beneficiary should be a blind Government employee and the member of the federation.
    2. The maximum limit was rupees twenty lakh but now the limit has been curtailed to rupees Fifteen lakh.
    3. Maximum time period is 10 years.
    4. The rate of interest is 8%.
    5.The loaner should arrange a guarantor who should be a Government employee.
    6. The rate of processing fee is 2% of sanctioned loan.